Well Child Visits

The cornerstone of child care

Well care is essential for children. At your child’s check up or well visit, we discuss growth, nutrition, and overall development. This is the perfect time to discuss behavior and dental care as well. Our hope is to ensure you are well equipped to continuously provide the necessities, which keep your child healthy.

General Pediatrics

From babies to adolescents

While we focus on assisting our families with keeping their children as healthy as possible; unfortunately, children will be sick occasionally. Though it isn’t a pleasant experience, when your child is sick; frequently, they recover without any intervention. During this time their little immune systems are building to tackle bugs and germs they will frequently encounter. There are times you will need to bring them to the office to ensure they don’t require medicines and other healthcare interventions. Please ensure you give us a call if you are ever concerned about your child’s health.

Other Services

Providing a little extra for our patients

At Premier Pediatric Associates, we seek to go above and beyond to provide your children with quality care. While our focus is your child’s care, we seek to provide additional services which benefit your child.