What families are saying about us.

Shayla F.

“Dr. B is amazing. I can not say enough about her to friends!! She has truly been a blessing in our lives. I have an infant and four year old that had a rough year with back to back colds, viruses, asthma, etc. and she took great care of them every step of the way. When my infant was hospitalized for a week, she called us everyday and sometimes twice a day to guide us through the process. Both my kids are happy and thriving and love her! The entire staff is welcoming and warm. You will love this practice and feel at home with a Doctor that truly cares about your family.”

Erica R.

“Dr. Billingsly is the Best in Atlanta. I’ve gone through 4 in 4 years between 2 children. I would recommend her hands down. My friend recommended her 2 years ago and I’m so upset it took me an entire year to finally switch to her. Her Saturday hours are perfect so that my husband can be there for important checkups. She is excellent with children and both of my children love her so much. She is relatable to parents as well. Her office is extremely “kid friendly”. And the staff is amazing very warm and friendly, which you don’t often see other places. My family is very happy here and so grateful to have finally found the perfect pediatrician for us!!”

Stgo Y.

“I’ve spent 2 yrs switching pediatricians for my kids looking for the right one AND I FOUND HER!!! Dr. Tiffini and her staff are the best!! As a mom of 3 boys, 2 of them with special needs, it’s not easy to find a doctor who cares about every single detail like Dr. Billingsly does. It surprised me when my 10 year old with autism was so friendly with her and let her examine him with no problems, not everyone has the special touch to work with kids but definitely Dr. Tiffini and her staff have it!”

Shavonia J.

“Dr. Billingsly is very knowledgeable, professional, and skilled in children’s healthcare. She is always there for my daughter in sickness and health as well as to assure me that my child is alright during my half-crazy first time mom moments. She never keeps me waiting and is very friendly. I highly recommend Dr. B and I know you will love her, too.”