Well Child Visits

There are many well visits scheduled from the moment your child is born until he/she graduates from high-school. Never hesitate to ask when your child is due for his/her next well visit.

Additionally, these visits are important for providing immunizations. Vaccines are critical to preventing life-threatening illnesses. Please ask your doctor about any vaccine questions.


There are several developmental milestones your child will meet over his/her childhood. See the link below to see if your child is meeting his/her milestones. Talk to your child’s doctor if you have any concerns.

 More information about development


Your pediatrician will discuss your child’s weight, height, head circumference, and body mass index (BMI), when appropriate, at every well visit. We will ensure your child is meeting targets. If he/she isn’t meeting the appropriate targets, we will devise a plan with you to help get him/her on track.

More information about growth


Please see the links under each age group from HealthyChildren.org for nutrition guidance. Also, check out Dr. B’s tips in our staying healthy section.




Grade School



Your child’s fitness is very important to staying healthy. We encourage regular exercise for the entire family. Please visit the links below from HealthyChildren.org for fitness guidance. Also check out Dr. B’s tips in our staying healthy section.

Grade School



All of us like attention. Frequently, attention at any age will drive behavior. Toddlers love it even when it’s negative and will continue a behavior sometimes for the negative feedback, it’s still attention. So, learning what is normal or expected is crucial. Learning how to distract, re-direct, and how to encourage behaviors, when appropriate, are all essential skills to yield the desired behaviors from our children. Please visit HealthyChildren.org for more information about managing your child’s behavior.

Dental Care

Caring for your child’s teeth is important to his/her overall health. Many problems arise from poor oral hygiene. Caring for your little one’s teeth starts with the 1st tooth. Check out the link below for tips.

More information about dental care

Vaccination Schedule

For information about vaccinations and when your child should get them click the link below.

Vaccination Schedule

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